AWA Training Application

Application for AWA Training

Contact Information

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Application Questions

Which training dates are you applying to attend?
How did you first hear about the AWA training program?

Optional Information

The following optional questions are used for planning purposes and to provide us with demographic information about the members of our community. This demographic information helps us in our work toward equity. AWA recognizes the value of having facilitators who represent the range of communities that we engage in creative writing. We encourage people from equity-seeking groups to apply.
How do you describe your racial or ethnic background?
Are there other marginalized identities you hold?

Writing Sample

We ask that you provide a sample of your writing: up to three poems, journal entries, or an excerpt from a longer work. Please send no more than ten pages total for any of these. Your writing helps the training leaders begin to know your writing voice and interests. Please upload those documents below.
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB